The Iranian holiday Nowruz نوروز”) new day”) is an ancient holiday celebrated on the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere to welcome in the new year.

Nowruz 2022

On this Nowruz we want to remember several courageous prisoners of conscience and prisoners held for politically motivated reasons in Iran with Nowruz greetings.

Instructions 2022

We ask you to send cards with simple Nowruz greetings such as “Nowruz mobarak”. You can say “thinking of you at Nowruz time” or “hoping you are well.”

Please refrain from mentioning the political situation, human rights or U.S.-Iran relations.;-) Instead, try these simple greetings (or choose from these):

FarsiFarsi in Latin AlphabetEnglish Translation

نوروز مبارک! امیدوارم سال خوبی†پیش رو داشته
Sale no mobarak! Omidvaram be tamame arezuhayetan beresid emsal!Happy New Year! I hope you have a wonderful year!
توروزتان پیروز! از خاطر ما نرفتید!Nowruz Mobarak! Inshallah ke ye sale por az salamati o barikat baratoon bashe.Happy New Year! You are not forgotten!
سال نو مبارک! امیدوارم به تمام آرزوهایتان برسید
Nowruz Mobarak! Aarezuye saali por az shaadi, salamati baraaye shomaa va khaanevade daaram.Happy New Year! May all your wishes come true this year!
نوروز مبارک! انشالله که سال پر از سلامتی و برکت
باشه براتون
Nowruz Mobarak! Dar in Nowruz be yadetan hastam.Happy New Year! I wish you a year full of blessing and health.