Israel and Occupied Palestine

Discussion – January 26, 2016

At our monthly meeting for January 2016, AIUSA Group 11 will discuss this position paper. Please read the paper before the January 26 meeting and join in a discussion of how Amnesty can strengthen its place as a fair and unbiased standard bearer for human rights throughout the world.

Campaign to Alleviate Suffering in One Middle East Conflict

Members of Amnesty International USA Group 11, are campaigning for civility of the parties engaged in the Israel/Palestinian conflict. We are urging the highest governing authorities in Israel and in the Palestinian Occupied Territories to instruct all the forces they formally or informally command and/or can influence to respect the sanctity of all lives and human rights, including those of opponents, and to prevent attacks on others, especially attacks targeting civilians, originating from territory under their control. The conflict between the opposing parties must be resolved through negotiations, based on individual rights and starting with the reality on the ground. Any resolutions should not involve mass deportations or forced resettlements, and should give all current inhabitants in the area the opportunity to live in peace with their neighbors.

Communications can be sent to

  1. Benjamin Netanyahu
    Office of the Prime Minister
    Jerusalem 91950
    with copy to:
    Ron Dermer
    The Israeli Embassy in Washington
    Washington, DC 20008
  2. Mahmoud Abbas
    Office of the President
    Palestinian Authority
  3. Isma’il Abd al Salam Ahmad Haniyeh
    Office of the Prime Minister
    Gaza City

There are few reliable ways to reach intended recipients in Gaza.