Prisoner of Conscience – Zeynab Jalalian (Iran)

Zeynab Jalalian — we are seeking a fair trial and better care for her

Zeynab Jalalian, born in 1982, is a political activist who was arrested in 2007 and then tried by an Islamic Revolutionary Court for belonging to a Kurdish opposition group. The trial, in which she was denied proper legal representation and which was completed in just a few minutes, resulted in the imposition of a death sentence for belonging to the Kurdish group and for “enmity against God.” In 2011, her sentence was commuted to life imprisonment.

Her medical condition is poor. She suffers from kidney problems, internal bleeding, and intestinal infection, the result of being tortured in prison. She has been on a number of hunger strikes to protest her treatment.

Most recently, her eyesight has been failing, possibly because of torture, and the prison authorities have denied her a medical furlough to receive appropriate care for her eyes. As of June 2014, she has not been allowed to have family visits for a year, and family members have been allowed only one two-minute phone call per week to her.

Zeynab Jalalian is considered to be an individual at risk by Amnesty International. The work on her case focuses on concerns that her trial was unfair, that she has been tortured in custody, and that she is being denied access to appropriate healthcare. Amnesty International does not have enough information to determine her status as prisoner of conscience.