China Regional Action Network (ChiRAN)

The China Regional Action Network takes immediate action on human rights abuses in China. It acts on behalf of Chinese citizens who have been imprisoned, tortured and even executed for peacefully exercising their civil and political rights. Among the actions repressed by the government that the ChiRAN has responded to are: organizing workers and protesting working conditions, seeking proper health care, supporting the Falun Gong movement, using the internet and advocating the interests of ethnic minorities. In many instances those accused of these acts were unfairly tried, harshly detained and imprisoned, and tortured.

Each month, members of Group 11 who belong to the ChiRAN receive a notice describing human rights abuses against specific individuals. The notice outlines the points to be emphasized in letters to officials in China and who should receive them. All members of Group 11 who are active in the ChiRAN are expected to write at least one personal letter monthly on the case.

In several cases, responses have been received from the families of the individuals for whom we have written or from government authorities, proof that our letters have an effect.