Central African Republic Fundraiser

AIUSA Group 11 held a fundraiser Monday, May 18th to help with the ongoing crisis in Central African Republic (CAR) on behalf of Amnesty International Group 11.

In recent years the Central African Republic has been plagued by civil war and humanitarian disasters, although seldom reported on by the U.S. media. Due to corruption of past regimes and invasion by outside guerrilla groups, law and order has broken down and ethnic and religious conflict has spread. So far, over 5,000 people have been killed and over 1 million have had to flee to neighboring countries or refugee camps. CAR is now a haven to Boko Haram and other extremist groups.

Note: Our CAR experts (one of whom is from the Central African Republic) spoke about the ongoing crisis.

What we raised money for

Our Local Group 11 of Amnesty International USA has been following the crisis there and doing everything we can to help. For this event, we raised money for an inter-religious reconciliation team (Catholics, Protestants and Muslims) to organize a basketball tournament in the Central African Republic to promote a peaceful solution. Our game:

  • Has young members of conflicting communities to play on the same team, representing camaraderie and working together for a common goal
  • Will host different religious leaders (connected with both sides of the conflict) to speak and hand out literature at the event to inspire spectators about a peaceful solution

Photos from the event are here.