Iran May 1st Action

Please join the Labor Day action in support of Iranian labor unionists Ebrahim Madadi (a senior member of the Workers of Tehran Suburbs Bus Company) and Esmail Abdi (a math teacher and a Teachers’ rights activist). We will create a separate collage for each of them and share these collages on our social media.

To participate:

  • Wear Amnesty gear (if you have it, fine if you don’t)
  • Make letter-size banners with one of the following messages
    • For Esmail Ebdi: “I stand with Esmail Abdi”, “Free Esmail Abdi”, “I support Teachers’ rights in Iran”, “Prison is no place for teachers!”, or your own message.
    • For Ebrahim Madadi: “I support Ebrahim Madadi”, “Free Ebrahim Madadi”, “Workers’ rights are human rights”, or your own message.
  • You can draw an Amnesty candle next to your message if you want to
  • Please take a picture of yourself holding this message against your chest and take a picture of yourself.
  • Please submit your photos by this Thursday, April 30, 6:00pm to [email protected]